From not knowing why I feel how I feel and where I do belong, to my very own perfect place I painted myself…

Here I am. Nature and cappuccino addict, sandy beach lover, incurable day and night dreamer and your coach on the way to everyday smiles.

For as long as I can remember, I was searching for “something out there”. I couldn’t bear the walls of “what would people say if you do/don’t do this or that”.

Born in the middle of Europe, I started from scratch three times in three different countries, with just a suitcase, but luckily with my family behind me. Still, there were times when I gave up and was sent to the muddy bottom of the ocean by some people or circumstances.

But then I thought: “I’ll show them all!” Learned to swim and bounced back from that bottom. And I realized that I won’t find this “something out there” by moving from country to country.

You cannot pack your bag and just escape yourself. You cannot run away.

So I hit the road and went to meet me. Myself.

And now, knowing how many years I was fighting myself, against the whole world and how challenging the journey was, I decided to make it a lot easier for you, who are on a similar path. Well, you wouldn’t be reading this now, if you weren’t. Because you found your way here for a reason.



During the years of teaching and supervising I learned that actually I can only open the door(s) and show the way for you to go. The rest is up to you. But I will make sure that you have all the tools in your hands, that you know what you are doing and I will be kicking that a*s of yours all along!

You either do something for yourself OR NOT.

Everything else are just EXCUSES.

I am RIGHT for you, if:

  • you feel that change is inevitable.
  • you are running in circles, emptiness of everyday life is killing you.
  • you feel there is more for you out there.
  • you are standing on a crossroad and have no idea which way to go.
  • you feel lost.
  • you are not afraid to work hard and don’t mind somebody kicking your b*tt if you are giving up. 
  • you are ready to open your eyes and welcome every day with a smile.

I am NOT right for you, if:

  • you do feel there is more for you out there, but are actually too lazy to work hard to get there.
  • you give up easily. Change won’t happen while you are sleeping, darling. And I cannot just wave a magic wand and everything will be ok again.
  • you are in need of professional counselling. In such cases I advice you to seek a medical or other qualified professional. Please refer to the Disclaimer below.

And if you are still asking why you should stick with me…

Because I am not just saying some very wise learned empty words. I’ve been there too.

Because I am going to guide you on your way. I don´t want you to accept anything without thinking about it and really make it your own. You choose and define the journey, make the choices. You pick the door, I open it and you walk through. With me right behind you, backing you up.

And because I AM DIFFERENT than the others. 

If you are like me, you definitely would like to hear some more stuff about me, right? I know you would…

Here you go:

  • To other people my incurable optimism can be pretty annoying. I caught it when I realized that my Mom was actually right with her “every problem has at least one solution” thing. Might be annoying, if you just want to complain, I admit.
  • But it doesn’t mean that I don’t complain too. I am good in that, oh yes. Too bad, if I find that solution too early.
  • However, if my self-pity does last, I take it as a great opportunity to light up some candles, surround myself with hot chocolate and cookies and put a romantic DVD on. What a lovely way to enjoy a crappy mood.
  • I just love to travel. See above the sandy beaches and the dreamer thing.
  • And yeah, I can definitely drive some physicians crazy too. Having studied biology and the fine arts, I want to have all those x-rays and ultrasounds explained and am always excited about those details and structures. Can you imagine enjoying a broken hand, because you finally can see how they do the cast? There you go…

“There is no night without stars. You might say that there are none, if it´s cloudy. Well, they are there, you just don´t see them. You don´t have the power to make all those stars disappear.  So why do you think there is no happiness in you, if you can´t feel it? It´s there. It´s just cloudy in you at the moment.”

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