Written by Mirka Seidel

Hey guys.
I’ve decided to put some of my thoughts out there about the situation we are facing right now. No running away anymore. And I guess – no place to run away to unfortunately. We have this one ball to live on and that’s it.

As the virus is spreading across the world and country by country is shutting everything down or announcing a national emergency, people are worrying. I won’t name that thing by its name. No invaders should be named. You know exactly what I am talking about, I am guessing. It’s the most famous and most talked about thing in the world these days, weeks and months.

Nobody knows what happens next, what to do, where to go. Possibly you are as well struggling with this unpleasant situation, in addition to your own problems and pains. Am I right? Are you afraid? Are you maybe angry, insecure, sad? Are you participating on panic shopping and hoarding what you can reach? To tell you about Germany, where I live now, it’s almost impossible to find pasta, rice, flour aaaaaand…. yes, you’ve guessed it. Toilet paper. Interesting how such seemingly common uninteressant thing becomes life saving. I wonder… Never mind.

It looks like there are no more wars, no climate problems anymore, just this one virus. And we are going to fight it with the toilet paper apparently.
Is it going to wipe us out? Why is this actually happening? Is everybody overreacting or is the danger real?

Well, I don’t know. What I know is, that we get what we need. So question is, why do we need this?! I don’t need it. I don’t think you do. However, if we look back – what could we see on the news before? Something positive? Something that made us smile? Nope. Aaaaaand nope. Wars. Climate. Flooding. Drought. Terror attacks. Shootings. Killing. Hunger. Ignorance.

That doesn’t necessarily mean nothing great was/is happening. We just don’t hear and see it. Why? Good question. Probably it doesn’t sell that well as the bad news.
So maybe, just maybe, the point was reached when the change became absolutely necessary. To save our planet, mankind, we had to stop. Stop and restart the mankind.
There are videos online where the guys in Italy, not being able to go out (and I am talking here about being jailed if they did), stand on their balconies, in their windows and sing a song. Whole neighborhood, just stand there and sing. Their voices are spreading across the town in unity. Even now, when I just think about it, I wanna cry. People who most likely never talked to each other, don’t know each other.

See what I mean? I believe that the mankind must stop and restart. To become aware about the life, about others, about the only moment we have. Now. Not our pasts, not our futures, not running after something sooooo important. To stop, spend the time with family. The kids cannot go to school and are bored! Wow. Bored? I don’t remember being bored as a kid. We always found something. And even if it is to pick up a book again and read. To talk. To sing across the street.

But possibly we all know this and still have that fear eating us inside. We just started to grow that precious garden inside us and some bugs decided to eat our growing plants. Fear is a powerful weapon. It can even lower our immune system so drastically that we pick up every single molecule of any bloody sickness just happily flying around us. It wouldn’t even notice us otherwise. So forget the fear. The situation is sh*ty, but it is still as it is and it is a bit too big to make it just disappear if we hide our head under the pillow and wish it away. We still have some options. We can accept it and go on with our stuff, be careful, stay home as much as we can etc. We can yell, invent new swear words, cry all days long, be afraid, be frustrated, fight the invisible enemy with cooking spoon. We could also leave the situation, however, this solution is most likely the most challenging one, as I believe, none of us has a spaceship.


“The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.”

(Bertrand Russell)

What we can do is to use this situation to restart … no, not the mankind. Ourselves. If you face the consequences of being shut indoors, possibly not even being able to go to work, eaten by fear, just concentrate on your feelings. Allow them to be there where they are. Name them. Nurture them. Accept them. And then let them go. If they wish to stay a bit longer, be it. Maybe they feel safe with you. Fortunately, nothing stays the same. You don’t stay the same, situation won’t. A day will come when we won’t properly remember what was this sh*t all about. What might stay in you is how you took care about yourself, about your loved ones, how you suddenly had time to talk, to read, to sleep, to be bored. Even if you think nobody in the world cares and helps you, there is always one person who does. Who might that be….? You know, right? Yes, it’s you. The only person you can count on. So don’t let yourself down, darling. You depend on you!

Take care, stay healthy and smile.