Written by Mirka Seidel

When was the last time you were in a hurry?
Yesterday? Today? I bet it was not that long ago. Maybe you are in a hurry now and have no freaking time to read my post. It’s ok, I don’t mind. I know what’s in here. You will miss out on interesting stuff.

But how ok is it for you? To be trying to squeeze 3 things in 2 minutes? To finish this last task. To catch the bus or train. To manage to get some groceries in the last minute before the shop closes. To pick up kids from the school… ups, you are already late.


I know I am.

Guilty of not always being able to slow down.

However, I know how long it took me to get where I am now. Nope, not few months. And nope, not 1 or 2 years.

It was at least 20 years of struggling, searching, finding, loosing, searching again, learning, moving from country to country. 

And then suddenly the Sun rose in my head. Ta-dah! ☀️
I found my answers. I started to grow.
No, not in one day, but in comparison to those 20 years it felt like that.

I have to search inside me, not outside!!! 

And then I remembered what I have read about the Chinese Bamboo Tree. I bet you’ve heard that story too. I googled it – yup, it’s true.

It says that this bamboo, after a little seed has been planted and watered and nurtured…. does nothing. Excellent for impatient people. Yup, it just does nothing. If you give up and check on that seed, all is lost. So you wait. You wait one year, two years, three years … still there? Still watering? Four years… DON’T GIVE UP! Five years.
Yes, it takes five (5!!) years, till something happens. Look! ? There it is. And you better don’t go anywhere now, as this little thing grows up to 3 feet (1 meter) in 1 day! 90-100 feet in couple of months. Ok, then it stops, but still. You can literally watch it grow.

So what happened? Did this crazy seed sleep and then woke up and decided to catch up on time?
It was pretty busy those 5 years. It was growing its roots. It built its foundations in the soil, so in the fifth year, it can just grow and grow.

No growth without solid foundations.

So basically what we can learn here?
And remember – I have validated this on my own example, even though it took me a bit longer, yeah. I hope my roots are then pretty deep 😉

  • Be patient. 

  • Stay focused.

  • Trust.

Be patient. Big changes don’t happen overnight. If you are in the middle of a hamster wheel and a prisoner of your limiting beliefs, it takes time to set yourself free. You can start by taking a moment every day to slow down and hurry only when it’s absolutely necessary.
(I am trying to be realistic here and cannot help running to the supermarket in the last minute sometimes ? It’s ok.)

Stay focused. Once you found out what you want, what is your goal, what is your journey and what dream you are going to reach, keep your eyes on it! Keep on your path!
Do your thing, whatever it is, learn new language, raise your children, go for that coffee with friends, have lovely beach vacation, go to gym… or not (I am guilty here too), write a book… Whatever. But all in all – KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR PATH AND GOAL.

Trust. You will be given everything you need exactly when you need it. Trust. Pray.
God. Law of attraction. Universe. Everything ‘works’ just fine.
And if you have a day or two when you reach that bottom of the ocean, then have chocolate. Cry. It will pass.

✅ Nothing to wait for.

Go and be awesome!

Grow your roots!

Hit the road on your adventurous journey!