Color-crush your limiting beliefs



• Bundle of 111 colorful Rainbow Affirmation Cards to download and to print out.

•  #1 BONUS: 15 Extra Cards to write your own affirmations on.

• #2 BONUS: 5 custom created templates for your thoughts and notes.

• #3 BONUS: 20 cards already cut-out for you

• #4 BONUS: 11-page worksheet on how to say goodbye to your limiting beliefs.

• Inspirations for the days when you are in need of an extra hug.

• Colorful motivations that reminds you how unique you are.

• Helpful tool to re-write your limiting beliefs in no time.



… begin to love yourself.

… see how unique you are.

… start your day with a smile on your face.

… get inspired and empowered every morning.

… feel all the colors of the rainbow mirroring in your heart.

… step by step crush your limiting beliefs and see yourself in a new light.


You are unique!

You are the UNICORN!