Written by Mirka Seidel

For a long time I had this question in my head. What is the most important journey? Where to?

When I came across the following lines by Safi Nidiaye, a German writer and meditation teacher some time ago, I was like “Yassss!”. This is it! This is what I was searching for and intuitive knew.


You are a hiker.
Not the worlds,
not paths on this planet,
not even different lives you wander through.
Those are landscapes of your soul
that you walk through.
Your soul is a universe;
mysterious and unknown to itself.

(Safi Nidiaye)



For as long as I can remember, I was searching for “something out there”. It took some serious exploring, emotional rollercoasters and many years ‘till I realized that I won’t find this “something” by moving from country to country. 

What I was searching for was NOT to be found somewhere “out there”.

You cannot pack your bag and just escape yourself. You cannot run away.

So I hit the road and went to meet that elusive shadow. My soul. Myself.

I guess this is the truth for the most of us – we are searching outside, running away from ourselves, trying to repair ourselves, looking for the solutions of ourselves. We are considering ourselves as pain, dilemma, obstacle… We are basically a walking problem.

No wonder that we feel lost. And I can guarantee you that no navigation device or any super-duper gimmick will help you here. Because the land that you should enter is behind your eyes, not in front of them.

Yup. This is the most important journey – towards inside, the one you see the best when you close your eyes. To your heart, to your soul. To your inner garden.

The only thing you need is a bit of courage and that first step. Something like Harry Potter and his Platform 9 ¾. It starts somewhere between your emotions, between sleep and being awake, between your dreams and reality.

And if you just thought “she is definitely crazy”… maybe. But you will never find out if you don’t try. Sooo, are you in for a ride?

While you think about the answer, I will write the next sunshine to your mailbox, where we hit the road.