Written by Mirka Seidel

Tell me. How many limiting beliefs do you have?

No idea?

You don’t have any? 

Too many to be able to count?

Which one of these are you? Well, we all have limiting beliefs. You too. Me as well. They are manipulating our thoughts and our actions from behind the scenes. Most of the time we don’t even notice that. We are so used to them, that we think our decisions were somehow not that cool, because the action or result did suck. There you go… another limiting belief on the way. 

Annoying? VERY!

And even if you are pretty aware that you have them and what they are, limiting beliefs keep holding on to you with their claws.

They are in your way, they keep you from moving on, they are hurting you and make you cry, you keep tripping over them, but …. cannot get rid of them.


You don’t want to?
You are scared to?
You are not able to?
You don’t know how?

Or maybe all of those above? 

We kind of nourish them inside us like babies. They are our excuses WHY we CANNOT do or be something. Why we cannot do more, be healthier, be happier, why we didn’t get that position we applied for, why we don’t get pay raise, why we are not in a relationship we dream about, why others treat us disrespectful. 

Poor me, I have to sacrifice myself, I will never be happy, I am basically a victim. Of others, of the unfair world and life.

Sorry to tell you…. you are a VICTIM of YOUR own limiting beliefs.

I’m not interested in your limiting beliefs. I’m interested in what makes you limitless.

(Brendon Burchard)


You have a choice:

A) you keep your lovely limiting beliefs, cherish them and let them manipulate your decisions and actions

B) you crash those monsters, say bye-bye and UNLIMIT yourself

Choose wisely.

Being a victim can be kind of soothing, because you can complain, you can weep, you can get the attention because others feel sorry for you. If this is what you want, then ok, I didn’t say anything. 

But if you want to become the master of your beliefs, to be able to get that job, get that salary you deserve, get that relationship you dream of, be successful, then stop complaining and start doing something.


But how? How?!

  • First you have to IDENTIFY your limiting beliefs. And you have to DIG DEEP. Basically any negative thought you have about yourself, your job, your relationships, finances, other people, is possible that little beast. 
  • Then try to identify where do they come from. Maybe your parents kept telling you, if you don’t behave, nobody will love you. Or your teacher told you, if you don’t learn, you will never get a good job. Think about it. Usually there is a reason. Because you were not born thinking that you are not enough, this one I can tell you.
  • Write down what is lovable about you. What you get compliments for. What you love doing. What you CAN do pretty well. And make that list be LONG! Aha… nope, no excuses. There are positive things about you. Let’s start with – if the Universe didn’t need you, you wouldn’t be here.
  • And then, having the previous bulletpoint on mind, RE-WRITE your limiting beliefs

No, re-writing doesn’t mean to write an opposite what you believe now. Not that easy 🙂 Example:

I say: “I want to start my own business, but it’s so difficult!” Well, it IS difficult. But I can say: “To start own business is not easy and I will have to learn a lot and work a lot at the beginning. But it’s an adventure that I am going to enjoy.”

Scroll down for a free tool that can help you on the way.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

(Henry Ford)

Meanwhile a little inspiration from my cat that thinks a cardboard box is a freaking stage.

Yes, I have a cat.
The cat has me. Don’t ask.

If I ever known something for 100% sure this is it:  My cat has ZERO limiting beliefs. She is a queen of absolutely everything.

And she loves me the SAME if I am dressed to kill or if I just woke up and I look… well… to sum it up – I could easily take a part in any thriller-movie straight away. She loves me if I feel great and happy and she loves me if I am sick, lie in bed with my painkillers and liters of tea. She loves me if I lose some weight and she loves me if I put it back again. She loves me even if I don’t love myself right now so much. Actually… then she loves me even more, because she knows I need it.

Maybe you have a pet or had a closer encounter with some animal(s) at some point of your life. Then you know how it feels. We should definitely be more like our furry friends. Unlimited. Thinking freely.

And if other fellow people of yours are not that awaken yet and let their limiting beliefs rule their perception, accept it. It’s their business and their problem what they think. NOT YOURS!

Because you have just chosen B).

You have chosen to be limitless. 

You have chosen to take your journey in your own hands.